Roche is committed to transforming the lives of people with cancer and those who support them. That's why we have been developing innovative medicines and diagnostics in oncology for more than 50 years. We are focused on understanding cancer even better and making Personalized Healthcare a reality with precise diagnostics and tailored medicines. Get to know more about our solutions in oncology.

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Dr. Jenny Haefeli

Medical Science Partner
Breast Cancer/Gynecologic Oncology

Phone: +41 79 932 12 36


Dr. Reto Baumann

Medical Science Partner

Phone: +41 79 875 20 28


Dr. Irina Häuselmann

Medical Science Partner

Lung Cancer 

Phone: +41 79 911 34 50


Dr. Nina Hostettler

Medical Science Partner

Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Cancer,

Phone: +41 79 875 20 47

Dr. Katarina Hajdin

Personalized Healthcare Partner
Pan-Tumor Diagnostics

Phone: +41 79 931 76 88


Dr. Stephan Duss

Precision Medicine Lead
Pan-Tumor Diagnostics

Phone: +41 79 639 43 48


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This medical scientific material may contain information on medicinal products and medical devices that have not yet been approved under pharmaceutical law and for which no adequate statement can be made regarding safety and efficacy. Roche Pharmaceuticals (Switzerland) Ltd expressly point out that this content is not intended to aim at or promote any use of our products prior to or outside the respective regulatory approval. 

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