Welcome to the Roche Digital Booth at ILCS on 15th May 2020

Roche Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy (CIT) represents an exciting and ever-expanding area of research, which is changing how we think about and treat cancer. Explore Roche's CIT portfolio in Lung Cancer and beyond.

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Talk to Thérèse virtually now

Like at a phisical booth your Roche representative is happy to answer your questions or just to have a friendly chat. We encourage you to give it a try. This chat is actively monitored from 13:00 to 17:30 on 15th May 2020.

Talk to Thérèse

You can also contact by mail: therese.drillot@roche.com

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By attending ILCS virtually we are helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Calculate and share your contribution here by entering your location and the mode of transportation you would have used to come to Geneva. This calculator will generate an eCard you are free to share with anyone you like.

CO2 footprint is an estimate calculated on the basis of estimated distance in km and mean CO2 emission values per capita and mode of transport

This is the story of Roche

Rooted in Switzerland and active throughout the world, we have been a Basel-based family company since the foundation in 1896. To this day, our founding families still hold the majority of our shares. Hardly any other company in the world has such a strong and stable ownership structure. Today we have four sites in Switzerland, with around 13,900 employees from over 100 nations.